Trinity 2015


No Dphil Seminar this week

WEEK 2 (WEDNESDAY, 6 MAY)Publising Workshop

A Life that Could be Somebody’s: Bernard Williams’s Epigraphs to Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy

Nakul Krishna (Balliol College)

Faculty commentator: Edward Harcourt

Paper available via WebLearn


WEEK 3 (TUESDAY, 12 MAY) Dissertation Speaker Series

NB. This week’s seminar is on Tuesday at 2pm (St. Cross College, Ian Skipper Room).

Complexity of Value and Moral Enhancement

Joao Fabiano (St Cross College)

Faculty commentator: Nick Bostrom


WEEK 4 (WEDNESDAY, 20 MAY)Dissertation Speaker Series

The Phenomenology of Intuitions

Sebastian Greve (The Queen’s College)

Faculty commentator: Andreas Mogensen


WEEK 5 (WEDNESDAY, 27 MAY)Publishing Workshop

NB. This week’s seminar is in Meeting Room 4.

Partial Liability

Alexander Kaiserman (Jesus College)

Faculty commentator: Sandy Steel

Paper available via WebLearn


WEEK 6 (WEDNESDAY, 3 JUNE)Dissertation Speaker Series

Content-externalism and slow-switching

Ben Sorgiovanni (Wolfson College)

Faculty commentator: Anil Gomes

Slides will soon be available


WEEK 7 (WEDNESDAY, 10 JUNE) Publishing Workshop

Defending Epistemic Akraisa

Rachel Fraser (Linacre College)

Faculty commentator: Timothy Williamson

Paper available via WebLearn


WEEK 8 (WEDNESDAY, 17 JUNE)Dissertation Speaker Series

NB. This week’s seminar is from 12:15-1:45pm.

The Indefinite Extensibility of Proposition

Andy Yu (Hertford College)

Faculty commentator: James Studd

Slides will soon be available