Michaelmas 2014

WEEK 1 (TUESDAY, 14 OCTOBER) Publishing Workshop

Induction, Reason, and the Humean Objection to Kant

Kevin Busch (St. Anne’s College)

Faculty commentator: Ralph Walker

Paper available via Weblearn.


WEEK 2 (THURSDAY, 23 OCTOBER!!!)Dissertation Speaker Series

NB. The Seminar is on thursday, from 11 to 1, in Oriel College (Harris Seminar room).

Against Comparativism about Mass

Niels Martens (Magdalen College)

Faculty commentator: Dennis Lehmkuhl

Slides available here.


WEEK 3 (TUESDAY, 28 OCTOBER) Publishing Workshop

Aristotle’s psychology

Elena Fiecconi (Corpus Christi College)

Faculty commentator: tbd

Paper available via Weblearn.


WEEK 4 (TUESDAY, 4 NOVEMBER)Publishing Workshop

Stalnaker on Propositional Contingentism

Peter Fritz (Jesus College)

Faculty commentator: Daniel Rothschild

Paper available here.


WEEK 5 (TUESDAY, 11 NOVEMBER) Dissertation Speaker Series

Hume’s division of the calm and violent passions

Haruko Inoue (Wolfson College)

Faculty commentator: Roger Crisp


WEEK 6 (THURSDAY, 20 NOVEMBER)Dissertation Speaker Series

NB. The Seminar is on Thursday, from 2.30 to 4pm, in the Collin Matthews Room.

Implicit Knowledge and Linguistic Rules

Natalia Hickman (Brasenose College)

Faculty commentator: Martin Davies


WEEK 7 (TUESDAY, 25 NOVEMBER) Dissertation Speaker Series

Axiological Uncertainty, Credences, and Representation Theorems

Stefan Riedener (St. John’s College)

Faculty commentator: Ralf Bader


WEEK 8 (TUESDAY, 2 DECEMBER)Publishing Workshop

Against Sider on Fundamentality

David Mathers (Corpus Christi College)

Faculty commentator: Josh Parsons

Paper available on request