Hilary 2015


No Dphil Seminar this week

WEEK 2 (TUESDAY, 27 JANUARY)Publising Workshop

Sincerity and Willingness in the Socratic Elenchus

Nakul Krishna (Balliol College)

Faculty commentator: Lesley Brown

Paper available via Weblearn


WEEK 3 (TUESDAY, 3 FEBRUARY) Publishing Workshop

Singular Thoughts and De Re Attitude Reports

James Openshaw (Pembroke College)

Faculty commentator: Martin Davies

Paper available via Weblearn



No Dphil Seminar this week. Contact the organising committee asap if you are interested in taking up this slot.


WEEK 5 (TUESDAY, 17 FEBRUARY)Dissertation Speaker Series

NB. This week’s seminar is in the Lecture Room.

What do coordinates represent?

Neil Dewar (University College)

Faculty commentator: Harvey Brown

Slides available here


WEEK 6 (TUESDAY, 24 FEBRUARY)Dissertation Speaker Series

This talk has been postponed till next term. There will be no DPhil seminar this week.

Complexity of Value and Moral Enhancement

Joao Fabiano (St Cross College)

Faculty commentator: tba

Slides will soon be available


WEEK 7 (TUESDAY, 3 MARCH) Publishing Workshop

Factivity over stability: two-dimensional semantics and the nesting problem

Sarah Lane-Smith (Merton College)

Faculty commentator: Timothy Williamson

Paper available via WebLearn


WEEK 8 (TUESDAY, 10 MARCH)Publishing Workshop

Heidegger and Personal Identity

Alexander Dowding (Lady Margaret Hall)

Faculty commentator: Michael Inwood

Paper available via Weblearn